Welcome To Abundant Life UPC of Silsbee, Texas!

"Passionately Pentecostal… Intentionally Apostolic"

Grass Roots Revival

Each service is preached by one of our own home ministers

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  • Worship
  • Acceptance
  • Real People
  • Anointed Preaching

These are only some of the things you can expect at Abundant Life UPC.

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There are NO words that can be said about what all God has done;
* We don't even know how many got the Holy Ghost as some from other Churches got it as well as from ours.
* Healings in great numbers, both physically, emotionally and spiritually.
* Miracles flooded the place.
* Many visiting ministers brought their passion and their people to experience the outpouring that was there in every service.
* Preaching by Gordon Poe and Shane N Adele Burns was par excellence in every service.
* My precious people were AMAZING in every way. I'm humbled to lead such a great crew.
* My family is second to none and, to my great joy, love this message and my Church as much as I do.
* The 'Impartation Breakfast' had over 120 ministers & wives and it was BREATHTAKING... probably the very best one we've ever had.
There is NO way I could describe the powerful anointing that engulfed the last four days, however, "BLESSED" is a good place to start. ‪.